Quitting Your Addictions

Changing habits is HARD! After all, we’ve spent years building up these habits; we can’t expect to change them overnight. Doing it slow, smart, and consistent is what will lead to lasting results. How do you do that?

1. Only change ONE habit at a time, and;
2. Give each habit at least 2 weeks to become ingrained

Below are the two habits that I find people have the hardest time breaking: Fast Food and Soda! So here are my tips for breaking those habits in a slow, smart and consistent way!

KICK THE FAST FOOD HABIT: Most people admit to eating fast food 7 or more times a week!!! That is one habit that is not only expensive but terrible for your health. To cut back on your fast food drive bys, try this:

  • Start by saving all your fast food receipts for one week
  • At the end of the week add them up to get an idea of how much you are spending
  • Round it up to the nearest 10 dollars and then cut it in half
  • That’s how much you get to spend next week
  • Take that amount and put it in a Ziploc bag and all the fast food you buy that week has to come from this fund.
  • Once it is gone…it’s gone…no more fast food that week.

This still allows you to indulge in fast food without feeling completely deprived. Because let’s face it, if someone tells you that you can NEVER have fast food the first thing you want is fast food. This way you can still eat fast food but just in moderation. Keep trying to cut the “fast food fund” down so that you are only indulging occasionally. Remember we want to break our habits in a slow, smart and consistent way to lead to lasting results!

KICK THE SODA HABIT: This one is probably the simplest. Not the easiest but the simplest. You just keep downgrading every two to four weeks. Eventually switching terrible habits for bad and then bad to good.

  • Switch from Regular to Diet and leave it at that for at least 2-4 weeks
  • Switch from Diet to Caffeine Free Diet again for another 2-4 weeks
  • Switch from Caffeine Free Diet to Flavored Water/Water

Once you kick the soda habit you won’t even miss it! Then when you do indulge and drink a soda you will be amazed at how sweet and sugary it tastes! You won’t be able to believe that you used to down those like water! I promise!!


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