Gluten-Free Dining Out

An updated gluten-free restaurant list for Austin:

1. The Steeping Room (GF Sandwiches + Dessert)
2. Brick Oven on 35th (GF Pizza + Dessert)
3. Wildwood Art Cafe (All Gluten Free)
4. The Grove Wine Bar (GF Pizzas + Pastas)
5. Craig O’s Pizza & Pastaria (Pizza)
6. Mother’s Cafe & Garden (GF menu)
7. Shady Grove Cafe (GF menu)
8. Maudie’s (GF menu)
9. East Side Cafe (GF menu)
10. Guero’s Taco Bar (GF menu)
11. North By Northwest (GF menu)
12. Hyde Park Bar & Grill (GF menu)
13. Mirabelle Restaurant (GF menu)
14. Z’Tejas (GF menu)
15. Fire Bowl Cafe (GF menu)
16. Jade Leaves Tea House (GF menu)
17. Dominican Joe Coffee Shop (GF Cookies)
18. Rolling in Thyme and Dough (GF Muffins, Bread on Tuesdays until they last)
19. Zen (GF menu)
20. The Clay Pit (GF menu)
21. Carraba’s Italian Grill (GF menu)
22. Waterloo Ice House (Ask for ingredients binder)
23. Case de Luz (Gluten Free-Macrobiotic)
24. Outback Steakhouse (GF menu)
25. PF Changs (GF menu)
26. Pei Wei (GF menu)
27. Maria Maria (GF menu)
28. Vivo (GF menu)
29. Corazon (GF menu)
30. Pluckers (All sauce GF – GF menu)
31. Sago (GF menu)
32. Cafe Josie (GF menu)
33. Portabla (GF menu)
34. Hyde Park Bar & Grill (GF menu)
35. Southside Flying Pizza (GF Crust)
36. Peoples Rx (GF Sandwiches)
37. Wild Wood Art Café (GF)
38. Cups & Cones (GF cones)
39. Thom’s Market (GF treats)
40. Hai Ky
41. Ruta Maya International Headquarters
42. Mr Natural
43. Cookie Lounge (GF Cookie)
44. Kerbey Lane Café (GF pancakes)
45. Titaya’s Thai Cuisine
46. Taste of Ethiopia
47. TerraBurger
48. Trio & Four Seasons
49. FINO (GF Menu)
50. Taco Deli (GF)
51. Fogo de Chao


3 Responses

  1. […] go to my post on Gluten-Free Dining Out for a complete list of Austin restaurants that offer gluten-free menus! Yay! Or go to the Gluten […]

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for the great GF restaurant list! We visit from Arlington 2-3 times a year and I am always looking for more places to add to our list.

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